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...indifferent to what makes no difference...

"To live a good life:

We have the potential for it. If we can learn to be indifferent to what makes no difference. This is how we learn: by looking at each thing, both the parts and the whole. Keeping in mind that none of them can dictate how we perceive it. they don't impose themselves on us. They hover before us, unmoving. It is we who generate the judgements--inscribing them on ourselves. And we don't have to. We could leave the page blank--and if a mark slips through, erase it instantly.

Remember how brief is the attentiveness required. And then our lives will end.

And why is it so hard when things go against you? If it's imposed by nature, accept it gladly and stop fighting. And if not, work out what your own nature requires, and aim at that, even if it brings you no glory.

None of us is forbidden to pursue our own good."

- Marcus Aurelius (Meditations, Book Eleven)


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