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Of Note

Sometimes simply noticing is enough.

Like when noticing anxiety in a crowded gym.

Noticing our heart's rhythm quicken and our abdominal area stricken.

Pausing our music so that we can notice a bit further.

Noticing then a pleasantly cool breeze from a vent up high.

Noticing this brings a calm smile to our face.

Aware of how this may be outwardly noticeable.

Yet noticing that doesn’t seem to bother us.

We’re still too busy, just…noticing.

Turning notice back towards the body.

Noticing a heart less frantically beating.

Noticing an abdomen less stricken and soothing.

Noticing the impermanence of all such feelings.

Like when we'd notice a dark cloud drift past us through the sky.

Then only to notice a gentler, more peaceful cloud floating through that sky.

We see a connection as we notice.

How we can notice our life as no different from that sky.

So long as we slow down and... notice.

- C.S. Robinson


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