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Passionately Compassionate

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We are what we feed our minds. This diet forms the basis of our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. And these formations formulate the fabric of our realities.

We should choose nutriments geared toward our health. We should aim for nourishment, not junk.

Compassionate understanding is vital to unlocking greater health and vitality, for the body and mind. But compassion and understanding are not entitled and must be cultivated through our practice of looking deeply and from limiting the toxins that pervade our world from penetrating us deeply.

In many cultures, we’re led to believe individuality is paramount, that we’re all inherently unique, and should embrace what makes us 'us.' But upon looking deeper, we can see why we've been led to believe in this separateness and the reasons others impose this belief into us.

Looking deeply gives us so much. Most of all, it gives us insight and understanding into whatever we look deeply at. And this is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and to those we love. Nobody can give this gift to us; it can only come from us.

If we stay on the surface of matters and rely on others to dictate what 'reality' is, we will suffer and cause those we love to suffer. Without looking deeply into things for ourselves, such ways of being can spread like false propaganda, exploiting our innate desires for joy, understanding, and love.

We all have the same core, overarching values: to be happy and free from suffering. This understanding can be used to see the deepness of our interconnection and to get in contact with the true nature of reality. Unfortunately, however, this same understanding can be used to manipulate ourselves and others into believing falsely professed facts, motivated by our greed, craving, and feelings of lack — generated from our misguided values, which are always based on a lack of seeing deeply.

Do not believe these words as undeniable truths. Please, just look deeply into them. Then do the same with your life. Your understandings and insights will flower when you water them with intention. Your mindful intention to discover the truth from lived experience is the way to generate true compassionate understanding. And these understandings will be a great gift, giving your life true meaning and vitality. Because you uncover it from deep within, what you find will be profoundly healing for your ‘self’ and the endless stream of outer 'self’s' that have now also become you.

You'll find genuine compassion, where the one and the sum are inseparable, which is the way out of a cycle that's gone on for too long. It's time our cycle was reality — because reality is so beautiful. I'll meet you there my friends.


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